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The LIGHT is always in YOU.

We all have a light that shines from within. We are all connected with this beautiful light. Let it come out. Let it surround you, from the inside out. When we shine, we help each other. It warms my heart and soul when I take a walk, and see beautiful pictures I believe would be worthy to share with all of you. This is one of the ways I share my light.

Get Happy!

Happiness is an inside job!

There’s at least one thing you can think of NOW that makes you happy. I bet you don’t even have to dig that deep. It’s right there near the surface. Come to your mats this new week, and let that happiness just happen. Let it bubble up, and release. This week’s theme…HAPPINESS.

Attitude of gratitude.

Most grateful to my yoga students who bring me gifts from their hearts. Thank you my beautiful friend, Cassie!

Maybe you want to gift someone something today. Perhaps, it’s just your presence. Or a hug. ❤️❤️

Reset often.

At every sunset, it’s an opportunity to reset. Join me. Come back to zero.

Flow and Yin (WITH a special YOGA NIDRA class!)

6-7 p.m. ● 8/7

Guruv Yoga and Pilates in Lake Mary